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0635 hrs October 10, 2019

Change The Times Change Your Life

It’s 0635hrs … sun is shy of revealing the full daylight … and the outline of the trail, in the woods is just visible enough to know with familiarity, I’m headed in the right direction; country in the city if you will … far enough from the highways & byways, near dead silence really, other than the odd leaf shuffle by a scurrying squirrel, chipmunk, deer, or an early bird out to get the worm.

One car was already in the parking lot upon my arrival. Good for them! No sign of its owner in the near pitch dark. Chances of bumping into them, or seeing them for that matter at this point was slim, other than three minutes into my walk, and up ahead seeing a flashlight coming my way; they had obviously been here for a bit and just returning.

As I get close enough to speak, still pitch dark, I offer up a, “Good morning early bird,” in a welcoming warm voice, receiving a warm, “Good morning,” in return from a young female jogger.

Real life stuff, change the times, change your life, is as simple as it appears! If the majority could only find it within themselves to get away from the noise found in the hustle bustle of life this day and age, thirty to sixty minutes a day (NO TECHNOLOGY … GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK), mornings being the best and freshest source of oxygen known to mankind (in the woods/country), author believes that in a matter of days for self, and weeks and/or months for the times, we would witness change unlike anything witnessed prior.

Attention Span

Attention Span 2000 12 Minutes – 2019 8 Seconds

Do I have the audacity to boldly proclaim that depression alone, could drop by a minimum of 60% if people took the ‘Change The Times, Change Your Life,’ challenge? Yup!

Would I be challenged by the scientific and medical world and/or the naysayers of our day, in their opinion, for such an outlandish claim, considering I don’t have this data, and that data, along with a corresponding three or four page text lecture for people to read in backing up said claim? Yup!

We have complicated everything including the Lord’s Prayer. We have succumbed to the fact that if something is not complicated and detailed as ‘The Laws of Thermodynamics,’ or the same of ‘Relativity,’ then it’s unworthy to be shared. I disagree! The likes of logic and common sense is as applicable today, as is the logic of hands-on, practical work experience, will rival any student coming into the workplace with textbook experience only.

Let us also consider the serious drop in the attention span of the human being from twelve (12) minutes in 2000, to eight (8) seconds in 2019! Now I’m not going to get into the all the reasons responsible for this decline, but I can assure you, guaranteed, that the likes of the ‘Change The Times, Change Your Life,’ challenge is not one of the reasons for the decline of attention span.

We can always find noise and confusion, via technology (90% of which is frivolous and superficial), but we cannot always find ‘QUIET,’ and thus the genuine appeal behind such a post; not to mention, with the attention span in such a sad state, who on earth today gets much past a Media headline, let alone getting excited about reading, or worse still, listening in on a sixty minute, or two hour data filled lecture that could have been capstoned in less than fifteen minutes?

Kelly Johnson Aircraft Engineer Kiss Principle

Kelly Johnson aircraft engineer (left) Kiss Principle, go hand in hand. We mostly think of the KISS Principle as ‘Keep it simple stupid (silly)’ but what we miss is the logic and common sense behind this brilliant man’s principle that states:

The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.”

Real life stuff, such as ‘Change The Times, Change Your Life,’ is something well worth pondering.

Life is meant to be simple, not complicated, and a great place to start is with self, because when we don’t like what’s facing us in the mirror, literally, all hell breaks loose … and we become as disrupted, unfocused, rude, obnoxious, beat-up, beat-down, exhausted, as the next person.

When all we need to change the times and our life, doing our little part, filling the soul with a few minutes of quiet time each and every day … while prioritizing the ‘simple fact,’ that we are not that important that we cannot leave our phones and technology for just a few quiet minutes a day to regain our sanity … would you not agree this to be a worthy idea?

I’m, Kevin … thanks for listening … leave a comment … and thank yourself after taking the challenge, and loving it!


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