Living by The Spirits Power

Living by The Spirits Power

August 20, 2020 Love All Judge None Undeniable Truth 0

Enough is Enough

In our 30th year of marriage, taking yours truly a 3rd time around to get it right, this ‘Living by The Spirits Power,’ is realistically and literally as simple as turning a tap on or off; all that’s missing is discipline!

OK, obedience, faith, and a ton of courage is certainly needed to begin the separation process from the click, the status-quo, or the ‘Young and the Useless {Restless}’ example, but without the absolute truth needed to lead the way, number four marriage could have just as easily slipped into the mix as well as number two marriage replacing number one.

No one wants to be perceived as being judgemental, suddenly too good to hang with old friends, or the in crowd, but there came a time in my own life after a second marriage, a child from each, both eight months old at separation that the mind was saying, “Enough is Enough!”

Running From Truth is a Learned Trait

Everything from, traffic laws, apartment rentals, education, the courtrooms and overall legal process, rights over right & wrong, the entire moral fabric of life, especially the kicking to the curb of noted absolute truth, has all become a watered down mess to say the least.

In simpler words, running from truth is a learned trait. The leading scapegoat being impregnated into the minds of mankind, is that there is no right and no wrong. Therefore there is no truth, let alone absolute truth.

Open This Bible to John 1:1

Perhaps it is Time to Re-Assess

From a secular perspective, considering facts alone, with a mere glance or listen to our media networks, it is evident we are following the wrong headship and in desperate need of unwavering, integral, and accountable leadership, who loves all, judges none, and places ‘ALL’ people ahead of the almighty dollar.

For example there, has long existed information in The Holy Bible that was heralded as major discoveries in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as the Hydrological Cycle, Oceanography, or how about Prothrombin; and according to star charts, we were still believing we could count the number of stars in the 18th century!

In closing, while reflecting on the recording above, ‘Living by The Spirits Power,’ and what’s being shared here, perhaps it is time to re-assess the very thing that is being sent to the curb.

Imagine, The Holy Bible, the inerrant, infallible Living Word of our Living God, Jesus Christ that teaches, DO NOT STEAL, DO NOT MURDER, DO NOT COVET, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR, DO NOT JUDGE ANOTHER, etc., etc., etc., being motioned to have its truth restricted by law from sharing the very answers we need, and then imposing jail time to anyone who shares said truth; a serious paradox if there ever was one.


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