Life After Sixty (60)

Life After Sixty (60)

March 19, 2020 Love All Judge None Undeniable Truth 0

Something about being candid!

Can one be candid … flat out blunt … loving all judging none … while at the same time, being a Christian leader and without appearing morbid … or in need of psychological treatment? I vote yes!

Well, one way or another, I feel compelled to share what is on my heart, because life after sixty (60) is nowhere near where I thought I would be in life.

Worse still, I’m beginning to agree with the last words out of my earthly father’s mouth back in 2012, who had no justifiable cause or reason for saying so. If honest, words I’d rather long forget, and yet, deep down, there has always been something about the need for being candid, transparent, and unusually honest about self for the benefit of those listening.

Just for the record, the world claims the cliche’, “Two ears and one mouth,” while listening less than ever, when my living God, many millennia prior, stated through James 1:19 “You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry” … that in turn hit me like a ton of bricks after being blind, suddenly able to see (born-again).

“You’re not as smart as you think you are!”

About six weeks prior to my dad’s passing, our family laid our mom to rest who died of rectal cancer.

Not that God doesn’t know every minor detail about the life and universe He created and what is taking place behind closed doors included … but this cancer thing for one, I believe, is one of the biggest and most deceptive cash-cows known to mankind (not people-kind, Mr. Prime Minister ‘Trudeau.’

Do I see the ‘THE PINK RIBBON FIASCO’ as one of God’s allowable sins of man to play out, putting into motion, one more process of elimination that takes its fair toll on the gullible, afraid to die, choosing to ignore the absolute, inerrant, infallible, and undeniable truth of the living God, Jesus Christ … while accepting the ignorance of man playing god, with man-made-religions topping the list? Absolutely!

Within hours of Dr. Max finding a lesion on my dad’s jaw bone, informing him he was full of cancer (this shouldn’t surprise us) … just one week after telling his family doctor that he was grateful to not have cancer like his wife, Eileen, my mother … he was sharing his last departing and encouraging words for me, “You’re not as smart as you think you are.”

That would be the same son who deeply and genuinely catered to both his mom and dad in their earlier days as well as the latter days leading up to their passing; Thanks, Dad … you’re welcome!

Speaking of smart, with all due respect, my dad died an evolutionist, believing we evolved from apes. He was an avid reader of such magazines as the National Geographic, who should stick to taking great photos and not propagating its bias and ignorance, with such laughable, yet disgraceful articles as ‘Hail Mary,’ December 2015 issue |’King David’ December 2010. These brilliant, yet mindfully slanted individuals are not alone at the top of their atheistic ivory towers with deep pockets, refusing to accept truth in the eye of undeniable evidence.

Now is that thumb and index finger or thumb and middle finger?

Ready for what comes next

Oh yes, you’re probably wondering why no mention yet of the ‘Royal Raymond Rife,’ graphic at the top of this post (for the purpose of visiting; or why the sarcasm titling the immediate graphic above … so, let me begin this way.

As with countless topics, or should I say agendas under guard, we have for the longest time, been manipulated by the Media with such beliefs that there is no time for the ‘Debbie Downer (S.N.L),’ thing this day and age; heaven forbid we share something important as honest undeniable truth … encouraging people to wake from their stupor of life that has gone from a ’12 minute attention span in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2019; the kind of track record one would expect when we are led to believe in anything and everything but the truth we need.

So, instead, the world at large encourages us to empty our minds, forget about the nonsensical sin of life, all our past and its negativity, and find the god within us and sail off into eternal bliss; thus my reason for titling sarcastically, “Now is that thumb and index finger or thumb and middle finger?” … because everybody’s doing it … and we want to get it correct.

Now considering I always have and always will, love all and judge none, and been privileged to work side by side with Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, to name a few, their right and freedom to believe as they choose … I also empathize with the billions who believe as they do, because one word and/or one analogy of logic alone can discredit and disprove all faiths, but, ‘Christianity,’ Jesus Christ the Living God.

Point being, am I ready for what comes next, myself (My issue next paragraph)? That depends on what I believe! Knowing my mother and father died of cancer, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and friends we all know are also dying of cancer (because the ‘BIG PHARM’ monopoly chooses to treat disease over preventing it), the question might become: 1/ as a Buddhist (First Buddha former Hindu), am I enlightened enough to achieve nirvana? or 2/ as a Hindu, which god should I choose so I can achieve my next life as a??? or 3/ as a Muslim, have I been good enough to get into heaven? or 4/ as a Christian, have I placed my faith (not works), in Christ who claimed to be the Son of God and proved it?

With utmost respect, “No Thank you.”

I seldom have had need for a doctor, let alone a regular one, and being Canadian (eh!), thus far, not much longer I’m guessing, we can still walk into a hospital and get the care we need. For the past 2+ years however, my cough has been getting worse … to the point … the emergency check up (diagnosis one more pharmaceutical drug prescription with 10/1 side-effects, I refuse to take) is not suffice … and logic says I need a specialist … BUT … just found out that that cannot happen without a family doctor.

So, after checking most every doctor’s office in Kingston, ON., Canada to see about securing a family doctor, to no avail, with a 2+ year waiting list, I thought, why not connect with my wife’s doctor to see if she might empathize and refer me to a specialist; better than that … Shhhhh … she said she would take me on.

In the preliminary appointment, we got right into family medical history … and as soon as I noted my mom died of rectal cancer … the door was opened to the question of a colonoscopy, and my response, with utmost respect, was “No thank you.”

“May I ask, why not?” Being candid, professional and respectful, I said: A/ I’m not a fan of the cancer fiasco, B/ nor the pharmaceutical monopoly, and C/ I am ready to meet my maker, should I be informed I have only ‘X’ number of days, weeks, months, etc., to live.

Would I miss my bride of 30 years, and beautiful daughter & son-in-law 32, and son 41 (who made the decision at age 16 not to know me, following the wise input of his biological mom & step-dad, when legal discipline and direction was needed), of course I would miss them … but I also know our days are numbered and if my number is called, so be it.

When we lead our life

Life after sixty (60)

As I draw this to a close, life after sixty (60) really and truly isn’t anywhere near where I thought I would be in life.

After following a music career from 1979 – 1996, only to get what I thought I always wanted, and then not want it when I got it (Mary Bailey Management Team – Shania’s claim to fame – Country Awards 1995), life has been one downhill spiral.

My own error has been my weakness to accept direction from a living God. Proverbs 3:6 says: “Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Without excuse, and yet, humbly professing to the face looking back at me in the mirror every day, adding to this the first 29 years of life, selfishly driven, is a lot of rubbish to sort through, let alone giving up control to be in control; not a role we humans are accustomed.

Biggest regrets!

As for the music career that was in the bag … none! When I walked, nine months after landing the second hottest management team in country music at the time (Garth Brooks first), it was the easiest decision ever made, seriously.

As for my walk with God, that only began after my second wife asked me to leave our matrimonial home in the fall of 1987, this was the tough one.

My biggest challenge was not being brought up in a Christ-first-Christian-home. Had that been the case, although not part of the divine plan … two families and two children would be seeing the world through a whole different window today, for the benefit of themselves, families, and all who know them.

Have there not been Christian homes falling apart? Yes of course, we are all human, however, in 99.9% of the cases, one or both partners have taken their eyes off Jesus (upper graphic), rather than staying the course and leaving 100% trust in Him (lower graphic).

It’s really quite simply, and the sooner we give up control to be in control, a hard concept I agree, the sweeter it is, 24/7, 365, 7 days a week.

PS: Would I change anything today? Not on your life … on the basis of the only absolute, inerrant, infallible and undeniable truth in existence that guarantees me eternal life, in heaven, no tricks or hoops, no guessing, and where there are no more tears, no more pain, and no more sorrow, etc., etc., etc., hallelujah!

When the truth of Christ leads our life by faith


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