Month: June 2019

Living by The Spirits Power

Enough is Enough In our 30th year of marriage, taking yours truly a 3rd time around to get it right, this ‘Living by The Spirits Power,’ is realistically and literally as simple as turning a tap on or off; all that’s missing is discipline! OK, obedience, faith, and a ton of courage is certainly needed…
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June 20, 2019 0

Love Defined

How would you define love? As a whole, our global society has developed an unusual way of showing love. The one who is on top of the world, the world is challenging and determined to bring them down. You may recall the Martha Stewart story. Yes, she may very well have been wrong in her…
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June 15, 2019 0

How And Why We Connect With The Living God

What if we were to slow down? Pondering this question, slowing down it is not a bad idea when given serious consideration. In the beginning, whether we believed in God or not, we were directed to have a day of rest…on the 7th day actually following 6 days of creation. And looking around us, it’s…
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June 2, 2019 0
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